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DEFINED: Tags on Geek.IT.ude

An ongoing work-in-progress, this list encapsulates the general categories into which the tools and services I catalog here will fall.
  • asset management - tools and services designed to help track and manage IT assets
  • cloud - services or tools that are hosted externally, internet-based
  • eval - services I am looking at to incorporate into our infrastructure
  • fund-raising - tools and services that enable or enhance NP fund-raising efforts and getting the word out
  • helpdesk - tools and services that enhance end-user support efforts
  • marketing - in conjunction with fund-raising, tools and services designed to enhance an NP's profile, presence, and mission in the community
  • non-profit - tools and services that feature non-profit pricing models
  • production - services or tools that I have deployed in our infrastructure
  • remote - tools and services that provide a remote assistance or management mechanism
  • Saas - Software as a service (Wikipedia definition)
  • tools - software or service geared towards a specific task or product (doc, video, audio, chat, email, voice, etc.)
  • video - tools and services designed for video content creation and management