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Monday, December 23, 2013

Followup thoughts about screencasting as a documentation tool...

I am convinced this is the very best way for me to make some serious headway on my documentation brain dump. After 4 days, I have captured 2 hours and 16 minutes of screentime. This is the video library so far...

I am trying to come up with a naming convention that lets me group the list of a category of video together, such as "Quick Tour" and "Docuvid". When those terms or phrases are searched on Drive, they display a flat list of all "chapters" in that series. The simpler the naming convention, the better. 

The benefit of using this technique to group these together with search is that the files can be located multiple ways. They can be located in the tech library and opened by drilling down through folder structure, which is arranged in what seems like the most logical fashion, but can get changed as the documentation structure matures. The search approach makes their logical location irrelevant, and is therefore more suited to a growing and changing layout.

After I did a few recordings, I shot a note to our training coordinator with a link to a few samples. I suggested that perhaps the quick tour concept would help with training for all staff, on a number of different topics. All it takes is time and money, right?

The more of these that I make, the better I feel about getting it done. Although screencasting doesn't make the IT training and documentation material magically create and direct itself, it does make the process of capturing information much more fluid.

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