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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Simple vs. Efficient in Desktop Management Strategy

In my time as ARC IT Guy, the quest to Keep It Simple has been a driving force behind many of the choices I've made about how the infrastructure developed here. Admittedly, Simple to me has an element of "existing familiarity" when it comes to implementing tech, and being familiar with a system already reduces the resistance I have to finding a fit for it long-term. Simple also takes into account the need to make IT administration roles and duties accessible and quickly absorbed if a backup IT person is brought in to temporarily or permanently serve as IT Coordinator. SAManage, as our ITSM platform, demonstrates this principle.

If I have to figure in the time cost to learn something new, that weighs heavier in the evaluation of new IT components for long-term deployment and management. Having said that, there are times when Simple starts creating more work for me if it's going to scale up... or the same/less amount of work long term if we adopted a new approach that required significant learning and labbing curve for the person charged with implementation. The test of Simple vs. Efficient is popping up a lot with the H2T project, and mostly in the context of Active Directory, DNS, and domains in general. We do not currently employ any of those mechanisms in our environment.

As I unroll the map of the H2T project, and also listen to how others have seen this same kind of effort succeed or falter, there are certainly indications that reconsidering my stance on AD and DNS adoption here would be in our best interest. With the proliferation of these server features and the platforms they enable, there is a better chance of emergency IT support availability from people already versed in their management. It is now incumbent on me to make sure the Simple is more a reflection of well-established strategies for managing resources at our level, and in the way we use those resources.

And so, I make room in my brains for a learning binge. That string around my head in the blog header is all that holds it in some days!

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